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October 22, 2022
9:00am - 4:30pm
Online meditation retreat for racialized or BIPOC meditators.

Sangha means a community of like-minded people. This retreat includes people with similar experiences and a chance to feel community in a unique way.


This retreat is for people who identify as racialized or as a person of colour.

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There are different levels of comfort and peace in communities. For example, when you join a group, and you're subtly different, you may carry a level of tension you aren't aware of. However, ease and peace are essential when it comes to a meditation group. Coming to this retreat for racialized people might help you reach deeper levels of comfort and ease.

In the "worldly" life, we have to manage our identities. But it's the letting go of identities that leads us to the "unworldly" life of the Buddha. Letting go leads us to the contentment and ease of equanimity. At the same time, some of our identities are difficult to let go of. This retreat explores when to hold your identity and when to put it down. We will compare the "worldly" experience of daily life and the "unworldly" experience of Dharma.

Join us as we learn to simultaneously "let go" and hold on.

Saturday October 22, 2022

900      Introductions and why a racialize retreat

930      Meditation

1000    Get to know each other

1030    Break

1040    Guided meditation and instruction

1125    Walking meditation

1145    Meditation: noting with kindness

1230    Lunch

100      Meditation: noting the pause between thoughts

145      Walking meditation

205      Meditation: noting the falling away of thoughts

250      Walking meditation

310      Meditation: letting go

355      Holding identity and letting go

400      Describing your experience

430      End

Light and Shadow Portrait

Dana for the instructor is not required for this retreat.

Check back here for more information closer to the retreat
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