Mindfulness Meditation Class


​Our everyday lives feel busy and relentless. It can leaving us feeling confused about how our minds got so occupied with details, with no time left for ourselves. Come to this mediation course and leave feeling relaxed and easy. You'll learn to calm your wandering mind within yourself and leave with curious insights about how you live your life. Along with practical skills for a meditation practice, you'll have a new perspective on the choices you make in life. Class size is limited to 7 people.

You'll have lots of opportunity to ask questions and get specific feedback about your unique practice. Because of the small class size, this course is about interaction with others and the teacher. You'll discuss what's up in your life and how mindfulness is helping it. This course is for beginners and experienced meditators who want to integrate mindfulness into everyday life. 

In order to emphasize the amount of time spent connecting with others, you'll receive a link to a video before each class. The information for the class will be contained inside the short video (about 20 minutes), and then after a brief review of the material we'll launch into the discussion. 

This course is designed to be informal and conversational. The discussion is guided to the meditators in the class.

Dates and times: Thursday nights 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Location: South Vancouver, near Riverside Park

​May 2

May 9

May 16

May 23

Play the 7 minute video below for an overview of the course and sample the kind of videos that will be available to you prior to each class.

Because James is a Certified Clinical Counsellor, your tuition may be covered under your extended health benefits plan.

Course Outline


In South East Vancouver, near Riverside Park.


Class 1 Getting grounded


What is the practical and spiritual purpose of mindfulness and how to strengthen your concentration which is a building block of mindfulness.


Class 2 Clarifying your mind


Instead of the inner chaos that comes with meditation, you'll learn to organize your thoughts and feelings by noting them one at a time. 


Class 3 Accepting rather than opposing yourself

Instead of impulsive and habitual reactions, you'll learn the fundamental skill called bare awareness. With this practice you can gain greater ease and acceptance in everyday life.

Class 4 Meditation shouldn't be cold and austere


Mindfulness isn't only about suffering. I can also contemplate the kindness, care and joy all around us. You'll learn how to integrate lovingkindness into your mindfulness practice.

Fee is $200 or by donation.

Depending on your insurance provider, you may be able to claim the cost of this course on your extended health care plan because James is a Certified Clinical Counsellor (ccc) with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. 

James Lowe is a Community Dharma Leader and a Spirit Rock Teacher in Training. He has over 20 years of teaching experience and over ten years of counselling experience.

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