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A 7-Night Wilderness Meditation Retreat
Pacific Rim National Park, Keeha Bay
West Coast of Vancouver Island
Saturday July 8 to Friday July 14, 2023

The Setting

Within the Huu-ay-aht First Nations and Pacific Rim National Park, Keeha is on the north end of the West Coast Trail Unit

The Practice

We will practice mindfulness of nature. The rise and fall of all things point to the insight of contentment and compassion

The Experience

Leave feeling the interconnectedness to yourself and nature. Let nature reconnect you to equanimity in its simplest form.

This retreat is on the west coast of Vancouver Island.


The 1.5km beach opens to the ocean.


From Bamfiled, access is a 3.5 km technical hike from the road. 

This retreat is a self supported backcountry retreat.


Each backpacker will be responsible for their camping logistics, including tenting, and cooking.

James will organize the group and lead the meditation practices, but each yogi needs to be an experienced backcountry camper.

This intimate and supportive retreat is limited to 8 people. There will be lots of interaction between yogi and teacher.

July 8 2023 to July 14, 2023
Pacific Rim National Park


There are no roads to this location and we'll be practicing backcountry camping skills. You'll need to be an experienced backcountry camper because there is no running water or electricity.


Each meditator will need to be self-supported in terms of carrying gear and supplies, cooking and cleaning, and cooperating in sustainable camping practices.


This bare-bones retreat in a pristine setting is the perfect setting for a simple, powerful and elegant meditation retreat.

The retreat format

Even though you're in the wilderness, we'll practice noble silence most of the time. We'll talk just enough to manage living in the wild.

Sitting meditation on the beach will be followed by walking meditation throughout the day.


There will be guided meditation instructions, short Dharma talks, and individual meetings with the teacher.


Weather permitting, we'll watch the sunset around a fire with a Dharma talk with a chance to share our day with others. This retreat will be limited to 6-8 people. 

Why are we doing this?

Growing up in Vancouver, my favourite place is the West Coast Trail. After more than a dozen hikes, now I just want to take in nature. I've led groups to the coast and completed a solo mediation retreat on the Trail. 

I want to share the wild, the quiet, and the Dharma with a small, friendly, and kind group of people.

I'm an adult educator, counselling psychologist, Dharma teacher and hiker-biker guy. I want to combine these qualities and create of a community of like-minded people. Join us.


Who's this trip/retreat for?

Buddhist meditation retreats are intense experiences. Being in silence can feel isolating. Being in the backcountry can also feel vulnerable.

Combing these two qualities can be challenging, so who should come on this retreat?

In terms of meditation, you've taken a Buddhist Theravada meditation course or gone on a retreat.

In terms of camping, you've slept in a tent and cooked away from your vehicle. This means you've packed in all your clothing, tenting, cooking and food for a couple of nights.

This is a gallery of Keeha Beach in September 2022

On larger retreats a person can feel isolated in the silence. With only 8 of us, you'll have easy access to the leader. 

As well, we may pair up to cook together and look out for each other. The intention is to create a good trip with great people.