Hiking in Nature
Silent Meditation Retreat
Johnson's Landing overlooking Kootenay Lake, BC

Ever feel hassled trying to get to a retreat? 


Wouldn’t it be great if your retreat started when you got on the bus in Vancouver?


Get on the Yogi Bus. A retreat that starts and ends with a bus ride to and from the Retreat Centre. No Customs, Airports, Ferries or Gas Stations.

Nature: coming home to what you know.
A mindfulness retreat at Johnson’s Landing

Come to this weeklong silent retreat and reconnect to nature. Daily life often disconnects us from our bodies and nature. On this retreat you'll coming home to your physical self and then abide in the nature. Weather permitting, half of the sitting meditations will take place outside. 


If you are from B.C.'s Lower Mainland or any of 15 locations between Vancouver and Kaslo then your retreat could start and end with a bus ride to and from the Retreat. You’ll get a chance to have a relaxed interview with the teacher on the way up to Johnson’s Landing. You can describe your current practice and together you’ll set a specific intention for the week. Once you board the bus on Sunday morning, you can relax and ease into your retreat. 

Those not from the Lower Mainland will still have private meetings with the teacher during the retreat. As well, those from other points in B.C., Alberta or the States can drive right up to the Retreat Centre.

On the way home, you’ll get a chance to talk about your retreat with the teacher and set up clear practices to keep your momentum going.


This silent retreat is an opportunity for experienced practitioners to deepen their practice and for new meditators to understand the Dharma in a practical way.

Sunday August 23 to Friday August 28. 

Bus returns to Vancouver Saturday August 29.

Johnson's Landing, BC

2240 Kootenay Joe Rd.

Covid-19 and this meditation retreat

I have consulted with the BC Government's Healthlink Service and reviewed WorkSafeBC return to work protocols. There will be several practices put in place for this retreat based on government recommendations. These include yogis disinfecting common areas of contact as well as new meal time practices. 

In terms of prevention protocols, the most significant areas of concern are common utensils and physical distance in enclosed space. Food serving practices will be different on this retreat and we will be moving as many sitting meditations to a covered outdoor patio. During cold morning or evening sits, we may separate the meditators into two different halls to ensure 2 meter spacing. The risk of infection decreases when outdoors, and this is a nature retreat where a lot of practice will take place outside.

Furthermore, the number of yogis on this retreat is limited to 20 people while Johnson's Landing has 17 acres of nature to practice on.

Yogi Bus Details (updated July 16, 2020)


This Yogi Bus idea was developed before Covid-19. For health reasons, some may not feel comfortable spending this much time on an enclosed public vehicle. For this reason, contact James about the possibility of car pooling with other meditators.

A new bus service started between Vancouver and Kaslo. We’ll catch the bus 7:00am Sunday August 23 in Vancouver. There are also pick-ups along the way between Vancouver and Kaslo. When we arrive in Kaslo, a shuttle van will take us to Johnson’s Landing where we’ll arrive to a fresh cooked dinner at 6:30pm.


On Saturday morning, the shuttle will take us back to Kaslo, then we’ll ride the bus to Vancouver arriving at 5:40pm Saturday August 28. On the bus, you’ll have a chance for an extended meeting with the teacher after the retreat. 

We will request a certain part of the bus to be reserved for Johnson Landing Retreatants. Total transportation costs could be as low as $250.00 return, depending on how many people share the shuttle.

  • Mountain Man Mike’s Bus Service to and from Kaslo is $110.00 each way.

  • The shuttle fee between Kaslo and Johnson's Landing is $50 divided by the number of yogis with a minimum of $15 per person. 

To reserve a seat here is a direct link to the Bus Service. Mountain Man Mike.

Johnson's Landing overlooks Kootenay Lake in British Columbia. For more information about Johnson's Landing Retreat Center and to register go to www.johnsonslandingretreat.bc.ca

The fees for accommodations and meals range from $480-$810 depending on your choice of accommodations. Dana (donation) to the instructor is graciously accepted.


James Lowe has been teaching Buddha Dharma for over 10 years. He’s practiced and studied at Spirit Rock Meditation Centre and is psychotherapist in Vancouver. To find out more about the retreat from James, email or call him directly.

Sometimes people want to get a sense of the teacher before a meditation retreat. Here is an instructional video/dharma talk I made for a Mindfulness Meditation course I teach. 

These are smaller courses with 8 people but I create these videos beforehand so the time during the class can be used talking about a person's practice.

Here you can get a sense of my voice, style, humour and language. I do record these videos in one take so there's some genuineness embedded in the teaching. 

This is the first video in a series of four classes. It's a sample of how I teach.

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