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2019-02 Empathic Joy Class 4 header.png

Here is some information for the last class. Equanimity is a very large topic and I made a separate video. 

Please know, you don't need to watch all of these beforehand. You can always watch them after the class. 

It's recommended to watch the Empathic Joy video before the class.

The class will integrate Equanimity with Compassion and Empathic Joy. The aim of integrating all of these virtuous practices is to cultivate a robust, stable and authentic practice.

Equanimity is considered the crown jewel of mindfulness. It has a regulatory function in terms of how the practices work together and in isolation. 

Equanimity is typically the result of practice. It's important to have the right lens to interpret the world, which will in turn creates the probability of equanimity taking hold.

We want to integrate these practices. In this video we'll discuss how Equanimity is related to Compassion and Empathic Joy. The theme of this class is tying these virtues together. When it's all together, you can start to carry the Divine Smile of the Buddha.

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