Class #4
  • Here's a video summary of the course.

  • In the next class we'll learn how to integrate Lovingkindness or "metta" into your mindfulness practice.

  • During the class we'll discuss "where to next" questions.

Below are some key slides we'll discuss for the upcoming class.

Here's a definition of metta. It's an emotion you feel in or around the body. Some would say we naturally all have metta within us. 

The sense of metta can be developed and expanded through meditative practices.

Now that we have a working definition of metta above, let's look at our attitude and then incorporate metta.

Attitude is our broader thoughts and feelings towards more specific objects. For example, we can have an attitude towards dirty dishes or a pair of new skis.

I would like to bring our attention to our attitude towards our own thoughts and feelings. 

If we feel warm and tender thoughts and feelings toward our own specific thoughts, emotions and body sensations, then we can have metta towards ourselves. 

This really helps a mindfulness practice because objects rise and fall more fluidly when there is metta present.

Also, this is how a person loves their self. 

Lovingkindness is a specific meditation practice to itself, but it's really important for it to be incorporated into mindfulness. Without metta, mindfulness can become cold and austere. 

As a separate practice, eventually you can call it up whenever needed.

As well, it's really pleasant, fun and healthy.

You may come across some information about metta. Just so you know, it can be felt in or around the body or it can also be "radiated out" or "projected" to other beings.


The main purpose of "projecting" the emotion is to strengthen your connection to the feeling.

Resources going forward is a local organization that puts together meditation events in BC. (I'm on the Board of Directors). They list classes and events.

If you have not attended a residential retreat, a good starting place is:

  • Another class

  • A daylong meditation retreat

  • A weekend retreat at the Asian Centre, UBC. 

All of these events are posted on the website.

And of course, you can always contact me about what would be helpful.

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