James Lowe

Hello and welcome. I am a counsellor and mindfulness teacher in Vancouver, BC. 


Ever feel hassled trying to get to a retreat? 


Wouldn’t it be great if your retreat started when you got on the bus in Vancouver?


Get on the Yogi Bus. A retreat that starts and ends with a bus ride to and from the Retreat Centre. No Customs, Airports, Ferries or Gas Stations.


I offer individual and couples  counselling in South Vancouver for a wide range of issues.


I have online scheduling. We can correspond by phone, email or text before you schedule an appointment or you can go to the scheduling page by clicking on the button below.

I practice a range of counselling styles depending on your wishes, but I do like to incorporate mindfulness with classical psychotherapy. Western psychology does a good job of identifying issues and mindfulness practices offer a great way to change how you react to these issues.

My rate is $120 per hour.

Online Counselling

Counselling is a very personal conversation. It has to be one of the most intimate and personal interactions that we engage in. And it can be difficult to find and see the right counsellor for you.

For these reason, I offer video and telephone counselling sessions if you are out of town or can't get to my office. It is very helpful for the first session to be in person if you are in Metro Vancouver area, however I work with clients on different continents and in different cities through Zoom Video Communications.

Other than a computer with a video camera, you don't need any additional equipment to have a video call with me. 

Guided meditations

I'd like to offer you a few recorded meditations. These are based on the meditation teaching I do. Feel free to return to these meditations whenever you wish. 

A bell will ring at 20 and 30 minutes if you only want to sit for that long.

The first 20 minutes guides you through a grounding, anchoring or concentration practice. At the 30 minute mark the guided meditations take on a different direction. 

View of Meditation Garden
GroundingJames Lowe
00:00 / 30:25
Concentration: grounding in the body

This is a guided concentration practice. The aim is to strengthen your concentration and focus. Like a baseball and glove, the intention is to "catch" and "hold" the ball, or rather catch and hold onto your anchor in order to be grounded. A bell will ring at 20, but try for 30 minutes.

MindfulnessJames Lowe
00:00 / 45:40
Classical mindfulness

This is a basic mindfulness meditation. After grounding you'll practice bare attention or the practice of noting sensations without embellishing or adding to them. The purpose is to understand how we are always changing, and to release whatever thoughts and feelings are being held.

Inner safety


This is a Lovingkindness (metta) meditation. The aim is to cultivate a sense of natural warmth and tenderness. A subset of this is the feeling of inner mental and emotional safety. This meditation uses guided imagery to lead one to a sense of inner safety.

Lovingkindness: being healthy and strongJames Lowe
00:00 / 45:31
Inner health

This is a Lovingkindness (metta) meditation. The aim is to cultivate a sense of natural warmth and tenderness. A subset of this practice is developing an internal feeling of health that supports our mental and emotional life. As of April 2020, this might be very appropriate at the moment. It is helpful to be grounded in our body's natural health, and the body's natural ability to take care of itself.

Lovingkindness: inner easeJames Lowe
00:00 / 45:28
Inner ease

This is a Lovingkindness (metta) meditation. The aim is to cultivate a sense of natural warmth and tenderness. A subset of this practice is developing an internal feeling of ease. This meditation uses guided imagery to lead you to a sense of personal ease.

Lovingkindness: inner safetyJames Lowe
00:00 / 45:30

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My goals

Hello, I'm James Lowe and I'm a counsellor, psychotherapist and mindfulness (Vipassana) meditation teacher who practices cross cultural counselling.


My goal is to make good people great. You have a natural talent for contentment, creativity and generosity. Whether counselling or teaching, my aim is to help you discover your natural capacity for happiness and ease. Without losing track of what's practical, I strive for the ideal in you.


Right now, you can feel comfortable with who you are and what you have - instead chasing after the next best thing. With greater levels of personal contentment and worthiness, you can calmly deal with the challenge of everyday living. It's possible to lessen the nagging dissatisfaction in life. Through counselling and meditation, you can discover your natural capacity for joy and acceptance. You can re-define how you live.


The benefits of counselling and meditation include better decision making, less frustration, and greater efficiency. Counselling is an investment in yourself. No matter what you do or where you go, your mind is the most portable and transferable asset you have. 

I can help you as a counsellor or as a meditation teacher. If you meditate or have a spiritual practice I combine both the spiritual-meaning side of meditation with the counselling aspects of western psychology. I aim to support and guide you with practical tips so you can be comfortable in within yourself no matter what situation you are in.

About Me

If you are interested in seeing me as a counsellor or teacher, you may wish to know a bit about me.

I have a bachelors degree in Political Science from UBC and started working in social services in 1992. By 2002 I completed a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology at the Adler School of Professional Psychology.

I grew up playing hockey in Vancouver and as a adult started hiking, climbing and skiing. I love the outdoors and have completed a couple of Ironman Triathlons and some even longer recreational bike rides. Today I love to backpack the West Coast Trail and do day long hikes along the Sea to Sky highway.

As a professional, I started as an adult educator, then a manager, and then a psychotherapist. I've trained volunteers to work on crisis lines and as victim services volunteers. I've managed a transition house for abused women and overseen a range of counselling and education programs. I've taught triathletes, volunteers, massage therapists, and naturopathic doctors and I bring all of my teaching experience into the counselling sessions. Teaching adults has always been my interest. My goal as a counsellor is to help you learn about yourself.

In 2004 I started practicing mindfulness meditation and its has played a significant role in my life ever since. Every year I take three weeks off for a silent meditation retreat to deepen my mindfulness practice. In 2012, I completed Spirit Rock Meditation Center's Community Dharma Leader Program so I can teach mindfulness classes. In 2017 I've started a four year training to become an Independent Authorized Retreat Teacher through Spirit Rock again. This four year program prepares me to teach residential meditation retreats in addition to the classes I teach in the city. I'm especially interested in the workable day-to-day practice of Lovingkindness and Mindfulness at work, home and community. I want bring these classical practices into the real world in a practical and relatable way.

Professional Experience



I've been teaching mindfulness in various organizations and schools since 2005.

College Instructor

I've been a  healthcare instructor since 2008 at a massage therapy and naturopathic school.

Clinical Counsellor

I've worked as a counsellor since 2005, and have over 20 years working in mental health.



I've lead various planning sessions and development workshops for businesses and agencies. 

Chair, Psychology

I've been The Chair of the Psychology Curriculum at Naturopathic medical school since 2012. 

Director of Operations

Make I've managed numerous programs including counselling, education and housing. 

Clinical Supervisor

I've coached, supported and advised counsellors and Naturopaths-in-training since 2013. 

Volunteer Manager

I've managed volunteers on Crisis Lines and Police Based Victim Services programs. 

Professional Training

Mindfulness Retreat Teacher

Started this 4 year program with Spirit Rock Meditation Centre in 2017.

NOLS Certificate

Earned an Leadership Certificate with the National Outdoor Leadership School in 2017. 

Organizational Change

Year long program with Immigrant Services Society on diversity and change in 1997.

Community Dharma Leader

Completed this 2.5 year program in 2012 with Spirit Rock Meditation Centre.

Adult Education

Instructional technique and course development, Faculty of Education, UBC 1997.

Train the Trainers courses

Numerous 3 to 5 day workshops with the Justice Institute of B.C. 1996-2000

Counselling Psychologist

Earned a Masters of Arts Degree from the Adler School of Professional Psychology in 2002.

Guidance Studies

Diploma of Education from the Faculty of Education, UBC 1998.

NCCP Coaching Program

National Coaching Certificate Program level 1-3 Cycling 1990.