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Equipment List

This is an ongoing list that supplements your basic gear.

Please remember that you will be sitting still for extended periods of time. Most outdoor clothing is designed for ACTIVE purposes - not sitting motionless for 45 minutes at a time. Your body temperature will likely be a lot lower.

It's good to consider the following conditions and bring appropriate gear and clothing:

  • 2 - 6 degrees Celsius in the morning or at dark.

  • Up to 35 degrees Celsius

  • Bright sun

  • The steady wind off the ocean

  • Steady rain (eek, but let's try not to think of this too much)

  • The wonderful salty and cold, moist, damp air of coastal fog.

6 degrees

An insulating layer plus another layer that holds in your warmth. A breathable shell prevents your body's warmth from being blown away by the breeze or wind.

35 degrees

Long sleeve shirts and pants to protect against the sun. These super light Sun Shirts can have a hood if you like, but an umbrella is the best option. Hats tend to retain heat whereas umbrellas protect from the sun and the breeze cools you.

Bright sun

Polarized sun glasses are very useful as you'll be looking at the ocean all week.


A lightweight collapsable hiking umbrella is highly recommended. Plus holding the umbrella keeps you awake while meditating.


Steady rain/wind

We will bring a tarp to protect us. At the same time, during heavy rain we'll meditate in our tents. Bring an extra tarp to keep your gear dry outside the tent if your tent becomes your sitting refuge.

An umbrella is a good choice.


A Sun Shirt with a hood can give you a reprieve from the wind. 

A watch of some kind because there may not be bell ringers to call you to meditation.

Sitting gear

You will be able to dig into the sand to make your sitting position comfortable. Plus you can find logs and driftwood. 

Inflatable Zafu

I bought one from Banyen Books years ago. If you search inflatable zafu there are lots of options. I will be bringing one.

Foldable chair

I use a Hex Crazy Creek chair. I don't go anywhere without it. It folds and doesn't have chair legs that asymmetrically sink into sand.

Umbrella, yes

Experience leads me to recommend an umbrella. Works especially well for the sun without having to put on protective clothing. Collapsible ones don't get hung up on branches during the hike.

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